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Good but needs summary page

I use this app often trying to see what my current level of fitness will possibly allow in my next tri. I'm surprised you left out a page that puts all the info on one page, 5 stars if you do 😀


Great app. Go to options and select "show total race time" to address npht's concern

Wish it had more

It's a good app but it needs to have a tab to see the whole race in review so I don't have to click through each thing individually.

Great App

I love this app. A simple and elegant solution to help you figure out what you need to do finish at a given time or work it the other way if you keep this pace where will you finish. If you do triathlons or marathons this is a vvery helpful tool, unless you don't care about your finishing time.

Best Tri app in the store

I'm about to do my first ironma, and this app has helped a lot.

Excellent app - recommend for those who know what they need

Very handy app for the phone, I guess if I was willing to carry around a full computer all the time I would just use some Excel spreadsheets, but the laptop doesn't fit in my pocket and it's a little heavy. The app is great for quickly figuring out times and paces when spectating/supporting an athlete during a race. I'm trying to figure out why someone looks at a description of an app called TriCALC, CALC as in CALCULATOR, and expects it to be workout logging program. The program does exactly what it says it does, it doesn't promise anything it doesn't deliver, it's been rock solid for over 18 months of use, and it's simple and easy to navigate and use. If you have a need or desire to be able to quickly calculate and change race time parameters and how they'll affect overall time, this is an excellent app.

Great app

Perfect for when I want to figure out my swim/bike/run splits.

Very good app. for triathletes.

I use it all the time to estimate my times as intended, but the main thing is that for long events I can tell my family an aproximate in when to be at the transition if they want to see me. The only recommendation is to be able to save more than one event.

What good is it?

Why bother? This app doesn't DO anything.

TriCalc should have the stopwatch integrated into the app

To use this app, you have to perform the timing with the standard iPhone stopwatch. You must then write down the swim, bike and run times (or enter them into Notepad) while out in the field. You then enter all of the times into TriCalc with dial controls. It is just as easy to use the calculator function to compute your pace as it is to use TriCalc. If the authors of TriCalc want this to be a useful app, integrate the stopwatch into the app to eliminate the data entry portion of the app - or at least have the app pull the pace times from the standard iPhone stopwatch. TriCalc is a great idea for an app that I would love to use, but the development work isn't complete yet.


Perfect for what it does.

Great App for pre & post race planning

Tri-calc is my new favorite training tool. I use it before and after every race to precisly plan my goals and afterwards reflect on my performance. I plan out my race in the days leading up to an event, tweak it as my training fluctuates, and then give it a quick peek just as I'm leaving transition on race day to have my splits on top of mind. Sure you could add this or that but as is this is a great app for the $. I'm sure new versions will be even better, but hey, compared to a set of Zipp 404's this is a cheap training tool!


Great for walkers. Thanks for selling it cheap!

Decent App

Good calculator. Wish I could save the stats to compare times!

I love this app. Great for calculating pace/overall time calculations. Worth the money just for that use. Great interface. East & fun to use.

great app!!

Great app. does exactly what it says. we need more tri-specific apps.

Nice app - suggestion

Awesome!! Thx for adding in the totals. This really makes for a great little app. Very nice job on this app. I like being able to vary the different components in order to set goals. My one suggestion would be to add a grand total time so that you can see your overall goal without having to manually add them all up.

Fine app, but needs a numeric keypad for entry

With one exception, this app is well-done. The interface is clean and attractive, though I don't understand why there are separate settings for running, swimming, and biking, since the calculations are the same for each. The biggest problem with this app is that it should use a numeric keypad for entry instead of the dials. It's fine if you want to do a single calculation, but if you are calculating your pace across a number of laps it gets really tedious to keep scrolling. Keypads work great for time entry on a microwave or distance entry on a calculator and it would be really easy to use them here too. Also, the icon is a little weird. What's up with that stick-guy's hips?

One great App!

Elegant, simple, and well priced!

Nice App

As a cyclist this is a convenient little application. The interface is easy to use and it works great with the iPhone. The price is good at $1.99, would be better at .99. Some nice features to add would be metric conversion and the ability to turn on/off the sound. Best pace calculator out there in my opinion.

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